Poems on Demand

Today, I was inspired by the conversation with a good friend to resume my writing of spontaneous poetry. Planning a trip to the west coast, she mentioned her husband’s discomfort to the idea of sharing a bathroom with other tenants at the inn they will be staying at. “Ben cares.” she said. Something about the simplicity of that statement sounded poetic and all-encompassing of our discomforts and phobias of seemingly mundane situations. “Ben Cares” sounds like a fine title for a poem, I thought. In a quite automatic fashion and without much thought or time spent, I composed a poem to address the issue:
AHEM *clears throat*

“Ben Cares”
Ben cares that a bathroom he has to share
The foreign fingerprints on the faucet seem to stare
At his discomfort as a hungry lion beholds a hare

Thus we have a new project: the poem on demand. If any of you millions of readers out there feel compelled to share one of your mundane discomforts or insecurities, I may see about writing a poem about it and creating a future post. If so, drop me a comment on this post or use my contact form down below.

Inspirational photo:

MV Faucet 2012


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